Malaysian Bar Council Plans Mandatory CPD

The Malaysian Bar Council Will Table A Motion For Mandatory CPD After three unsuccessful attempts, the Malaysian Bar Council is once again pushing for mandatory CPD training. The motion will be tabled tomorrow and if passed, a selected group of 6.000 pupils and lawyers (with less than 5 years of practice) must undergo compulsory CPD training . . .

Part 1 | The NSC Bill: Interview With Syahredzan Johan

The NSC Bill (National Security Council Bill): Is It A Threat Or A Safeguard For A Better Malaysia? The NSC Bill (National Security Council Bill)  was tabled at the Dewan Rakyat on 11 December 2015 and later passed by the Senate without any amendments on the 22 December 2015. The government claimed it would strengthen our ability . . .

Insight To Internship

Here’s our first ever guest post by aspiring young lawyer, Lo Khai Yi, who provides a personal insight into internship at a law firm. The BurgieLaw team thought it would be nice to have some young blood contribute to our blog as part of our efforts to connect lawyers together and help the legal industry grow. We believe . . .

Is Using Legal Document Templates, A Good Idea?

This week we’re asking: is using legal document templates, a good idea? Acquiring legal counsel is necessary to protect one’s business while remaining in accordance with the law. Larger corporations usually have their own team of lawyers but for small-medium enterprises (SMEs), this is usually not the case. Legal fees are known to be costly . . .

10 Tips For Surviving Law School

The road to becoming a young lawyer is tough but everybody has to start somewhere right?  So for all you aspiring lawyers out there, here are 10 tips for surviving law school.

8 Reasons Why Lawyers Should Sign Up With BurgieLaw

BurgieLaw is an online platform that simplifies the search for lawyers and aims to make legal services more accessible to everyone. For lawyers, we help you save time and provide business leads. Are you a lawyer? Have you signed up yet? If you haven’t signed up with us yet, you’re missing out! Here are 8 reasons to . . .

Wills & Estates: Creating A Legacy For Your Loved Ones

Will writing is a spooky topic for many people. It’s the kind of thing you normally associate with the elderly, terminally ill and really bad daytime television. It’s taboo for some to even talk about it because they fear it as a symbol of death. Seriously though, wills aren’t scary ghost papers. A will (also . . .

10 Things To Note When Going Through An UGLY Divorce

1. Keep it in your pants people! Adultery is one of the legal grounds for divorce and will be used against you in court. 2. Strange or unreasonable behavior is another ground for divorce. It’s safe bet to say that you should probably avoid doing stuff like wearing tinfoil hats while muttering about mind-reading aliens or . . .

Divorce: Entitlements & Misconceptions

Following from our last post on divorce procedures, here is a brief overview on entitlements and misconceptions about divorce.

Divorce Procedures

In Malaysia, divorce procedures are different for Muslims and non-Muslims. For non-Muslims, there are in general, two types of divorce – mutual consent and unilateral. The procedure for a mutual consent/joint petition divorce is clearer due to both spouses agreeing to the terms of divorce beforehand.

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